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NinjaFatGuy If you want to take responsibility for changing his block, then fine. Lesbian sex in public bathroom. And the fact that her sexuality wasn't addressed pre-DLC doesn't negate the choice to reveal her sexuality in the DLC.

ND did something really different and clearly ruffled some feathers along the way. Retrieved October 23, Why bother introducing a new character with such fanfare, regardless of their sexuality, if they are not going to stick around for long?

She convinced Druckmann to give Ellie a more independent personality, and to make her more successful in combat. Ellie is a lesbian. Not everybody is the same in the world. Ellie is an adult in a world where she has had to grow up fast. Wait, I looked it up. Archived from the original on April 22, Ellie's character received generally positive feedback. I think the creative directors of ND did say in an interview that it wasn't their intention to make a tomboy character like Ellie to be gay and that there was no correlation between her tomboyish-ness and her turning out to be gay.

People are saying Ellie is not gay but Riley is because she looked "masculine. Why are we sexualizing kids? While she is being prepared for surgery, Joel kills Marlene and the Fireflies, makes his way to the operating room, and carries Ellie to safety. Sagi kalev naked. That is why i wrote adolescentwhere indeed, that is a different story.

But I get that you hate conservatives and you can say what you want about them. Need to get in touch? It would have been fanservice to pair her up with a guy. It was just small peck on the lips, strictly platonic. Please report these posts in the future, if you can!

You gotta admit many probably DID see it as fanservice though?! I'd have just see it as early days though. If you consider those things canon, that is. Ellie is gay, all the way from her interaction with Riley in this dlc to Druckmann confirming multiple times that she is. But there is a demographic of people out there that would find Riley and Ellie together as fan service as well.

Don't try to influence kids by putting this in games, I also draw the line there too. Left BehindEllie's relationship with Riley was commended by reviewers. Riley is not cute and adorable but Ellie is. Sexy black girls wet pussy. If you meet someone in the real world who you think is cool and they wind up being gay, would you go: I mean, Bill in the main game is gay, there aren't many "reasons" he is, he just obviously is solely because he mentions his partner Frank.

That doesn't change the fact that some of them are. We were designed this way, it is in our genes if you like.

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Or was it something ND mentioned? It is not too unrealistic, as her character has been established and matured over the course of the series and its DLC. Lesbian community for joining. Her appearance has also been compared to that of actress Ellen Page. Ellie is a lesbian. While spending time together at an abandoned shopping mall near the quarantine zone, Riley reveals that she is about to be posted to another city, and Ellie hesitantly supports her decisions.

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He was an expert crafter and weapons specialist. One of their ideas was a sequence with a mute female character whose role was to summon Nathan DrakeUncharted ' s main character, and briefly accompany him throughout the sequence; Druckmann felt this created a "beautiful" relationship through gameplay alone. Ellie's character received generally positive feedback. If you skip that part,everything else was absolutely amazing,epic and unforgettable. It is encouraging to see more and more companies increasingly embracing pridebut which advertisements are genuine and which are just taking advantage of a marketing opportunity?

Event occurs at Archived from the original on October 10, Is the Zombie Craze Finally Dead? Skip to content Toggle navigation. No comments yet Categories: Topshop decked out its Oxford Street flagship in London with rainbows in June Retrieved December 3, We may have even scorned those who continued to be bar flies and hang at the last vestiges of lesbian nightlife that still exist in our increasingly plastic, corporate franchised condo concrete city.

But for some people, there are concerns. Jason Killingsworth of Edge praised Ellie's complexity and commended Naughty Dog for not having made her "a subordinate If Ellie was aimed at "pandering to horny males" then they completely sucked at it, btw. Show me naked women pictures. The impression I always got was the Ellie loved Riley for her personality. Archived from the original on March 2, Should Google get into gaming? MajulaOblongataJul 29, I agree if Ellie is gay I'm just flat out gonna pass. The ending of The Last of Us".

She just had an awkward photo booth encounter that screamed lesbian urges in the DLC. OP just seems new and trying to get a foothold in the game lore.

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Again, we have no idea if Ellie is a lesbian or bisexual. Perhaps Ellie had it right all along. Black lesbian fight porn. This strengthens the bond between them, and they continue their journey.

She was young and beautiful and taken from this world too soon, but her body was wracked with cancer and she went gracefully into the next plane of existence with her partner and her dog by her side. We saw a similar outcry when Tracer was revealed to have a partner and was not the player's personal manic pixie dreamgirl - just imagine if her partner were male.

Screens x June 21, It took me 4 years to finally get to play this masterpiece but boy was it worth it!!! What is the Future of the Xbox? But I do not want to talk any more politics because this is a The Last Of Us subreddit and is not the place.

Archived from the original on February 21, She is the lead in The Last of Us Part IIand we know from the footage we have seen in both games that she has earned that role over time.

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